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How to Update .IPA binary on Apple App Store
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JustAlex 2019 June 07 15:20
1. Go to and Login.

2. Select your app which you want to update.

2.1. Click on "VERSION OR PLATFORM" > iOS > and enter next Store Version Number(which must match with Version Number from Xcode/ project). And click Create.

3. Enter "Version Information" and "Promotional Text" and hit "Save".

4. Go to your Project on and Download your app .ipa from iOS Block which was build with "Build Type app-store".

5. Go to and Signin with your developer account.

6. In Security section APP-SPECIFIC PASSOWRDS click "Generate Password..."


7. Enter application name "Application Loader" click Create button, then COPY the Code and hit "Done".
NOTE: This code will be used for Application Loader app.

8. Launch Xcode ( By default, the installation package installs Xcode in your Applications folder.(Xcode can be Downloaded from Mac App Store)
Choose Xcode > Open Developer Tool > Application Loader from the menu bar.

9. Read the Application Loader Software License Agreement, then click Agree.  
- Click “Keep me signed in” to stay signed in when you quit Application Loader.
- Enter your developer Apple ID and copied Password which was generated.

10. Next click on "Choose" button and upload your downloaded app from your Project on

11. Then click "Next" and wait until your app will be uploaded to the App Store.

12. After your app has been uploaded successfully to App Store, click "Next" button.

13. Now go back to your app on
- Select "Prepare for Submission" in left panel, then click on "Select a build before you submit your app."

Select your app which was uploaded with Application Loader and click Done.
NOTE: To see your build in "Select a build before you submit your app.", you must to wait ~5-10 minutes until it will be uploaded definitively.

Now your app is ready to Submit.
healthinfo 2019 June 08 07:14
stephensam 2019 August 12 06:29
Great Information. I Love this explanation
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