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Promoting an XPoint to a Hot Point on
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JustAlex 2019 December 02 08:23
1. Open application(which is available on Google Play and Apple Store) or Web version and Login with account or Register a new one. 

2. Got to your XPoint, scroll down and tap "Promote as HotPoint" link.

3. Tap on "Create a new Advertiser Campaign to Promote this XPoint" button.

4. Fill the form your new CPC(Cost Per Click - will pay just by clicking on your Hot Point in Search results and directly from the map) Campaign and tap "Save" button.

5. Turn ON your Campaign by switching ON the slider and tap "Done" button.

6. Now your XPoint is turned to Hot Point, will gain “Hot” symbol in XPoint details, will appear in top Search and will Beam with Purple color and also be visible on all zoom levels.

instazoom_mobi 2022 January 15 06:36
Thanh you!
jadejennifer31 2022 January 15 13:35
What a great insight
lucyann39 2022 January 18 19:12
It's helpful much. Thanks 
julieleeflang 2022 January 20 05:36
Mijn naam is Julie Leeflang, ik kom uit Amsterdam Nederland, ik heb gestudeerd aan de Universite­it Leiden en ik werk in de amazon ondersteuning.

ameliabgcc 2022 February 02 08:37
its very helpfull thank q
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