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JustAlex 2019 December 02 10:37

When you send a message on, you can see the status of your message from when you have sent it until it is opened by the recipient.


    See the delivery status of your messages by the  next each message:

     - Sending. Your message has not yet been sent from your phone. This status will show if your phone is not connected to the internet.
     - Sent. Your message has been sent from your phone.
     - Delivered. This status will appear when your message has been delivered to your recipient’s phone.
     - Read. Blue checkmarks will appear when your recipient has read your message.
     - Error. Your message was not sent and needs to resend.


    If you see that your message was sent but not delivered it could be because:

     - The recipient is not connected to the Internet and can't receive messages.

     - The recipient's phone is off.

     - The recipient's app is turned off.

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