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Front End Developer Skills
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vijaykhatri21 2019 November 18 14:11
Hello everyone,
I have recently completed my graduation in 
 I am planning to start my career as a front end developer, but I am not sure that if it is the right step or not for my career. I am confused about what skills I should have being a Front End Developer. Any suggestions and references will definitely help deciding me the if to go for it or not.

Thank you
arjunkumar 2019 November 26 07:19
Hello Vijay,

There are a lot of opportunities after completing your B.Tech, and front end development is a perfect option to go for. It depends upon your skills and interest, whether the field is suitable to you or not. Here are some of the necessary skills that you need to have to be a front end developer-

Responsive Design-
It is the most important thing being a front end developer to build a responsive design so that it can create a great user experience for the users that are visiting on the website.

Testing Debugging-
Testing is the main part of front end development; a front end developer needs to conduct proper testing of the website/project you are working on.

Problem Solving Approach-
Regardless of all the other things, you should have critical problem-solving skills. You should know how to make your front end code compatible with the back end code and work on their functioning.

Knowledge of Browser Development Tools-
You should know the trending browser development tools, by which you will be able to edit and make changes on HTML & CSS.

These all are the crucial front end developer skills that you should have if you are planning to make your career in the field of front end development.
krissmith 2020 January 06 16:35

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