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Why Printer Driver Is Unavailable On Windows? How To Fix It?
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Kristen716 2022 June 01 06:38
Sometimes the printer driver is unavailable error when printing a document from a Windows computer. This type of problem is fairly common with printers, but can occur with other brands as well. For example, " The  printer driver is a windows printer driver is unavailable  " is a fairly common message among printers users. Whenever your printer says driver unavailable, you can try the solutions shared by the blog to fix the issue .
Johnharper 2023 February 08 07:21
Here are some things that may lead to the printer driver problem on Windows 10: Your printer's driver is missing or was never installed correctly. Your printer's driver is corrupted. Your printer's driver isn't compatible with your system.

petergroft 2023 May 04 07:47
There are several reasons why a printer driver may appear as unavailable on Windows:

Outdated or Corrupted Driver: If the printer driver is outdated or corrupted, it may prevent the printer from functioning properly.

Connection Issues: If there is a problem with the printer's connection to the computer, such as a loose cable or a faulty port, the driver may appear as unavailable.

Incompatible Printer Driver: If the printer driver is not compatible with the operating system, it may not function properly or show as unavailable.

Windows Update: After a Windows update, the printer driver may become incompatible with the new operating system version, resulting in the driver appearing as unavailable.

Printer Spooler Service: If the printer spooler service is not running or is stopped, it can cause printer driver issues.

To fix the "printer driver is unavailable" error on Windows, try the following solutions:

Update or reinstall the printer driver.

Check the printer's connection to the computer.

Verify that the printer driver is compatible with the operating system.

Run the Printer Troubleshooter in Windows.

Restart the Printer Spooler service.

Uninstall and reinstall the printer software.

If none of these solutions work, contact the printer manufacturer's support team for further assistance.

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