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How to add Hyperlink in phone numbers.
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vsrkwealthcreator 2019 June 10 08:04
Hi Friends, 

I hope you all are doing fun today,

Actually currently I'm facing some problem in my website.

 I want to add a hyperlink header section in my mobile number .

Can anyone help me out from this problem.
hello 2022 August 07 09:15
doctoriduniyas 2020 January 30 05:45

Clickable phone number using HTML


1. Start with a standard link tag: 


<a href=""></a>


2. Enter your phone number with no dashes in the quotes: 


<a href="5554280940"></a>


3. Now the important part, add tel: to the beginning of the number: 


<a href="tel:5554280940"></a>


4. Then finish it up with some text for the link


<a href="tel:5554280940">Call us at 555-428-0940</a>

Hope it helps It will be great if you can include my link on your website Patient management software
Reggos 2020 June 17 01:15
Thank you for sharing!
Djohnavid021 2022 April 20 05:16
It is possible to create a Hyperlink from a phone number. You can do so by placing a tel: sign before the phone number in the url box of your website. Make sure to include the tel: sign, or tel: before the phone number, as this tells the browser to treat the link as a telephone number. To see an example, see the example below. This will show you how to create a Hyperlink from a phone number.
rvdtutors 2022 May 30 09:58

This is the right method to add clickable phone number link

<a href="tel:7718801660">Call us at 771-880-1660</a>

mudahnanjak 2022 August 03 11:00
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oliviakatowski 2022 August 08 09:29
Thank you for such a helpful advice! 
jihouni 2022 August 17 09:36
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Webknow 2022 September 02 10:38
you can use bb code and ahref link. information you will get form w3chool
guideon1 2022 September 23 13:15
create hyper link bbc code, HTML code and more
furnituretro 2022 October 02 19:02
thank you for sharing the information you provided
EHealth 2022 October 07 06:43
It can be BBcode, like this [url=YOURLINK]TEXT[/url]
RachelGomez123 2023 March 02 05:36
Steps to Link a Telephone Number in HTML
Create an anchor element.
Enter your phone number in the href attribute.
Add tel: before the number inside the quotation marks.
Include text in the anchor element.

Rachel Gomez
Bloxxyz 2023 March 11 20:21
thanks for sharing
crgnlsn 2023 March 16 17:49
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