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React VS Angular: Which framework is the best choice for mobile app development?
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appcluesinfotech 2021 June 14 08:01



If I want to develop a mobile application using React or Angular platform then which one is more productive?

Mikekelvin 2021 June 16 06:37
React Native is the best option for developing mobile application due to following reasons:
1. Apps built using react native are faster
2. Load time of the app becomes less
3. Easy to retain application state with hot reloading feature.
4. React Native is compatible with native code.
Ankitpanwar 2021 September 17 08:10

I have experience in both. Lately with React but Angular hasn’t changed that much in the last one or two year If anything it’s now better than it was before.

React: It is certainly more fun. It is approachable, has a fantastic community, It gives you freedom. It is versatile and tackles most of the problems with ease. 

Angular: The learning curve is steeper and there is a lot more engineering in it. There are rules and patterns to follow. Angular represents what is called an opinionated framework. Basically less freedom, more structure. 

While both are very useful and tackle (for an outsider) the same problem. Angular is clearly more capable of some heavy lifting. If your team is more than 5 developers, Let’s say 50+, and the span of your project is more than 1 year, It is a good idea to consider Angular.

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