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Become an iOS app Developer
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JustAlex 2019 May 21 11:42

Do you want to become iOS App Developer? It is easy, hard or somewhere in between. It takes time, effort and patience to get over the learning curve. But first you will need some advise about required tools and learning resources necessary to become a competent iOS app developer. There is now way to develop iOS app on Windows. You will have to buy either an iMac, Mac mini or MacBook. If you are used working on PCs, this might be a little bit pricey, but it’s totally worth it. Also, you don’t need to have a top model Mac. A machine with an Intel-based processor and a Snow Leopard version of Mac will be good enough, as this is the minimal requirement for Apple’s Xcode IDE.

An Integrated Development Environment(IDE) for iOS that contain a complete development environment, including Compiler, Interface Builder, Framework, Simulator and Full Documentation Reference Library. Best of all Apple provide this SDK free. With Xcode installed, you will able to write and compile iPhone apps. If you are not enrolled in the iOs developer program, you will only be able to compile your apps for the simulator. This is great but not enough to test more complicated apps that use camera or other things available only on the real iOS device.

Beside SDK, you should have knowledge of programming language.iOS apps are written in an objective-C programming language. It is an object oriented programming language based on C. That means objective-C is the superset of C and takes everything from C, but also adds some extra functionality to it, like Smalltalk-style messaging. Object oriented programming language is programming paradigm that allows you to divide your application code into objects that have data fields and methods. These objects then interact with each other to implement particular behaviour. Object-oriented Programming makes it easier to develop structured maintainable code.

If you have above particulars and have many ideas to develop apps. But you are confused to choose best one. Then don’t be confused develop all the apps that you want and launch them one by one. The chances of success of a single app are less. So it is better to launch the multiple apps after a period. Who knows which app become successful? The success of one app can make you a millionaire. The best example of the successful app is “Whatsapp”.

If you face any problem to begin development of your app. We have another way, you can buy Source Code of an app here. The Source Code of already created App will help to understand the initial coding of the application. Another benefit of the Source Code is that you can do change in according to your requirements. We will tell you how you can upload your App to Apple app store or Google Play store. We provide service to sell App Source Code. So if you want to sell your App Source Code then upload it on our website and set the suitable price of it. For more information, please visit our website.

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