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Play Klondike Solitaire
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jihouni 2022 March 11 09:11

Play Klondike Solitaire, a web version of one of the most popular Solitaire games in the world. If you are a Solitaire enthusiast, this is the perfect game for you!

You play klondike solitaire with a standard 52-card deck, without the Joker. After the cards are shuffled, seven stacks of cards are placed from left to right on the table. From left to right, each pile contains 1 more card than the last one. The first and leftmost pile has a single face-up card, the second contains two cards (one face down, one face up), the third contains three cards (two face down, one card) face-up), etc., until the seventh pile contains seven cards (six face down, one face up). The top leaf of each pile is flipped up. The remaining cards are reserved and are placed face down in the top left of the layout.

Four squares (lighted rectangle in the upper right of the picture) for the whole deck starting from Aces (low in this game) to K and you can stack cards top to bottom into decks on the table according to different colors. Each face-up card in the unfinished deck or in the completed deck can be moved to another deck on the basis of the highest card there. Any empty deck can place a K, or a deck with a K. The aim of the game is to lay four decks that start with an Ace and end with a K, all the same, on a single deck. in four empty cells, then the player wins.

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