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Who is a lawyer?
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nadersarabi 2021 May 30 05:16
A lawyer is a person who is commissioned by another person, whether legal or real, to do something under a power of attorney contract. Power of attorney is a legal contract that is concluded within the framework of the provisions of the Civil Code and its parties are called lawyers and clients.
The viceroy was called a lawyer during the Safavid period, and the title of lawyer of the people originated from here. In order to reassure a person in certain sensitive cases and cases, it is possible to determine the limits for the selected lawyer in which field he / she is authorized to represent him / her and in which field the person himself / she must be present for that work.

Article 35 of the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran states that in all courts, litigants have the right to choose a lawyer for themselves, and if they are unable to choose a lawyer, they must be provided with the opportunity to appoint a lawyer.

Of course, in Iran and in most countries, holding the profession of law attorney, in addition to the need to have a relevant university education, requires obtaining the necessary licenses and passing internships in bar associations. A power of attorney is a type of contract that is concluded between the client and the lawyer, and instead of the client, he does the work of the power of attorney. This life does the work on behalf of Zayd; And the client does not have the right to violate the limits set by the client for life. For example, the client told me to sell this house for two hundred tomans. Omar has no right to sell it for less than two hundred tomans.
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