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How to Create a Game App with Zero Coding Skills
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JustAlex 2019 May 05 06:52

The code word for winning in the virtual world is “coding”, right?

In order to create anything in the online world, such as a game, you must know how to write code.


Creating a game does NOT require coding skills.

Now, you might be wondering how to make a game app without coding skills. Well, you can use any game creation software in which the code is pre-written and you simply have to arrange it according to your designs and make your own game.

Sounds interesting? Here are a few websites and tools that could give you a head start.


If you Google the best engines to produce games for free, the first name that pops up is Stencyl.

Users have said that its interface is quite user friendly and has pre-formatted space for advertisements, plugins, and third-party apps.

This is a great option for beginners since it has a free version, which allows you to develop games and play with them. As a free user, you can make and test games in the paid platforms (including iOS, desktop, and Android).

But, you need to buy the Indie or Studio plans if you want to publish your game. The Indie version allows you to publish on desktop, Mac, and Linux, while the Studio version allows you to publish on mobile platforms as well.

Gamemaker Studio

Gamemaker Studio is one of the most commonly used tools to build games. Unlike Stencyl, which can be slightly restricted, you can create a wide variety of games using this tool.

It features drag-and-drop actions similar to Stencyl, but it also has hooks to allow multiplayer games. Moreover, it has different types of guides to help you with the various features and with creating different types of games.

Also, like Stencyl, its free version comes with a watermark, but you can still have fun with that version of the tool.

Once you are satisfied with the free version and want to use the paid ones, you can either choose the Studio Professional or the Studio Master Collection.


After having discussed Stencyl and Gamemaker Studio, very little remains to be said about GameSalad. This tool offers most of the same features of the others and has a very attractive price point, which is important for most beginners.

GameSalad has the usual drag-and-drop features, ease of use, and the flexibility to publish in various platforms.

However, its sizable behavior library sets it apart from the others. This library allows users to make complex games, which would otherwise only have been created with coding.

Multiple games have already been produced using this tool and you can do it too.

RPG Maker

As old as gold, RPG Maker has been around since the 1980s, helping game developers make new games without coding skills. Though old in years, the new version is built to give a tough competition to the others. There are multiple versions of the game available right now and each of them comes with a trial version to help you select the one that is most appropriate for you.

It was the go to tool for anybody who wanted to produce role playing games (RPGs) quickly and efficiently. It has thus been used to create multiple games.

These are just a few of the tools that beginners can use to create a game, according to their preferences. You no longer need to be comfortable with writing code to launch your own game.

Also, since most of these tools offer a free version or a trial run, the time is just right to jump in and create your game and make it successful.

dmiiceuk 2020 January 03 13:15
It's necessary to know coding. Your seo-specialist would force you coding
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