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How to Create a Customized Mobile Marketing Platform
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JustAlex 2019 May 02 14:13

Mobile devices are very popular right now, and families and individuals across all geographies own at least one device per household. People are spending a lot of time on their mobile devices nowadays, be it for work or for leisure.

This is the reason mobile advertising and marketing are experiencing immense growth. Customers are no longer satisfied or attracted to old fashioned advertisements and are more interested in customized experiences.

Modern marketing is all about customizing the mobile users’ experience according to their requirements. With an intuitive smartphone, the task of customization becomes much easier for app developers.

We have discussed a few strategies here, which will help you create a customized, mobile marketing plan.

Local Flavor

The smartphone when combined with the internet, helps make the world a smaller place. With time being a major constraint, localizing the mobile experience is a necessity. People like their local news and weather, information on nearby restaurants and stores on their fingertips.

It is estimated that about 40% of consumers who search for something on their smartphone or tablet are usually looking for localized information. This indicates that more users are interested in area specific content and deals.

Mobile Search Goals

When users are surfing the web and just casually browsing around, it is an opportune moment to drop a hint and help them make a purchase. You can take advantage of Google Analytics to get a better idea of what is being searched for the most.

Once you have a list of the most searched keywords, you can tailor your mobile search platform according to that list. This tailored list will not only help sell your product but will also help attract customers looking for that specific thing.

Mobile Coupons

The days of paper coupons are almost over now. Most people don’t have the time to cut out paper coupons and carry them around when they go shopping. Electronic coupons come in very handy as they allow users to simply use their phones to get a discount.

It’s a win-win situation for the customer and the seller, and keeps both parties happy. The other benefit is that it tends to make people spend more money and buy more things because of a great discount.

Cross Promotion

If you are selling tennis shoes, then the local 5k marathon will definitely be an attractive news for your proposed new customer. People like it when someone else is doing the task of ‘thinking’ for them. Shopping for chocolates online can be cross marketed with flowers or jewelry.

If you are marketing toys, then cross marketing with child care services or children’s parks nearby is also a good idea. When consumers are browsing certain topics, it is an ideal time to drop in suggestive hints to keep them hooked on.

Mobile Ads

Advertisements have evolved over the years depending on the screen real estate available. Much smaller than computer screen ads, mobile ads tend to be direct and to the point. They are usually just a text link or a small image that will direct you to the product’s website.

These ads are placed in tune with the buyer’s browsing and buying habits. The purpose of placing relevant ads is that the customers find it helpful instead of intrusive or irritating.

Seasonal Favorites

Trends change every season and also during festive times. There is a distinct rise in shopping during the holiday season, starting in November and ending with the start of the new year.

This is the bumper sale season when most people become extravagant shoppers and will pick at every opportunity for a discount.

Mobile ad trends or search are tailored to make every opportunity look like a steal and there is always a deadline attached to it. These deadlines make the deal look even more alluring and often attract new customers.

We hope these suggestions help you pull in more customers to your product or service.

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