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What Are Bad Debt Expenses: Definition And How To Calculate It?
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ebetterbooks 2022 January 28 11:35


Suppose your business offers its customers payment terms such as Net 30 and Net 15, you will ultimately bump into a customer who will make excuses to pay you off or possibly he could not pay you in real at all. When such situations keep piling up, you call it bad debt expenses

123movieshubhd 2022 January 31 08:47
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SkyFlight 2022 February 02 13:51
Debt bad are items or goods sold on credit to a customer and payment has not been made over a long period of time or years. That unpaid amount becomes  a burden or an expense to you the debtor. Therefore such an amount is term bad hence BAD DEBT and it is record as expenses in the Trading Profit and Loss Account. 
Usually, an amount is declared as bad after two years when not paid. 
Normal bad debt occurs when the creditor pass on and there has not been proper book keeping of the such amount.
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