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Predominant features that need to include in the Coinbase Clone script
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abigailsanchana 2022 October 31 11:51

The following are the essential characteristics that must be included in the Coinbase clone software.

1.  Trade Matching Engine

The trade matching engine is critical in trading; our super-fast trade matching engine paves the way for buttery smooth and lightning-fast trading.

2. Speedy Transactions

High transaction speed benefits traders by reducing waiting time. Immediate cryptocurrency transfers will be very easy at the Coinbase clone.

3. Integration of cryptocurrency wallet

Integrated cryptocurrency wallet with support for several currencies.  The development of a cryptocurrency wallet must be created in such a way that it should be strongly supported for storing and retrieving 100+ cryptocurrencies, including any type of crypto token, such as ICO Tokens, Defi Tokens, Other Utility Tokens, and so on.

4. Integration of Trading Bot

The integrated trading bot ensures safe trading and allows traders to earn money while resting. Trading Bot configurations are simple to complete.

5. KYC/2F Authentication

To assure trading security, the Coinbase clone we created will include default 2FA capabilities, and authentication methods can be selected from the trader end.

6. Multi-language assistance

The coinbase clone script must be built with extensive UI/UX elements and multilingual support so that language is not a barrier for your traders. This will be a massive traffic-driving funnel for your cryptocurrency exchange, allowing you to gain more customers from all around the world.

7. Fiat-Currency Support 

You can add any type of fiat currency in the future with the excellent Coinbase Clone Script. The customizable Coinbase clone script should support more than 50 fiat currencies and can be tailored to specific needs.

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