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Colocation - Give your hardware a home
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excelrtuhin 2020 September 28 19:46

In a recent blog post we informed you about the differences between our webspace packages, VPS and dedicated servers - however, an important service is missing in the list and we would like to provide you with more information below:

As one of the business areas,  offers so-called colocation contracts. In our state-of-the-art data centers in the southern UK, we enable our customers to inexpensively house their hardware. Whether tower servers, 19 ″ rack servers, switches, firewalls, or external storage media, Server Colocation has created excellent conditions for renting parking spaces and modularly choosing power consumption and bandwidth. Not only does such a colocation subscription save our customers from having to worry about security and adequate climatic conditions in their office or private rooms, but they are also relieved of the worry of worrying about the availability of the servers 24 hours a day.

Thanks to our clear website, it is very easy to individually configure the right subscription. In advance, the prospective customer - preferably together with our customer advisors in support - should carry out a need’s assessment. From the number of required parking spaces - the dimensions must be taken into account here - to the uplinks and the appropriate power module, the entire structure can be configured online on our website.

Regardless of whether it's a single height unit or a complete, lockable 40U rack, Server Colocation can create very flexible offers. Even a reservation is not a problem if it can be expected that the customer's server park will grow and thus the space requirements will increase.

In terms of bandwidth, Server Colocation offers a tailor-made solution for every need, from the regular 100 Mbit / s connection to dedicated bandwidth (up to 10 Gbit / s) in every conceivable volume. Whether a single uplink with a fixed bandwidth value or allocation to several servers from a bandwidth pool, virtually any requirement can be implemented here.

For individual servers, the electricity required for operation can be booked in 100-watt increments at a fixed price, when the devices are put into operation, an exact measurement is carried out so that a fair fixed price is always guaranteed for each server that comes as close as possible to the power consumption in reality. With half and whole racks, however, the connection with flat rate or by billing based on actual consumption is more likely to be used.

How exactly does an order for "" work? Provided that the number of height units, the type of bandwidth, and the question of power requirements has been clarified, the order form must be completed and sent online. In feedback from Server Colocation, the so-called "welcome letter", the customer receives a summary of the modules ordered and - depending on the chosen payment method - the corresponding information on the payment modalities. In return, if the invoice amount is received by Server Colocation, the customer receives all the information needed to configure his devicesIn addition to IP addresses, this includes other network information and the DNS resolvers.

Then the question of delivery is clarified. Here a personal visit by appointment is welcome as well as delivery by a courier service. Finally, the hardware is put into operation in cooperation with our technical staff and you're ready to go!


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