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Why You Should Not Ignore HTML5 for Mobile App Development
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JustAlex 2019 May 02 11:44

As a mobile app developer, you would agree that an awesome user experience goes a long way in retaining app users and attracting new consumers. So, an important parameter of success is the ability of your mobile app to work seamlessly across multiple platforms.

The latest HTML standard (HTML5) is a great option for developing mobile apps that function appropriately, regardless of the screen resolution or device size. But, why is HTML5 such a viable choice?

In this article, we take a glance at a few major reasons why HTML5 should not be ignored for mobile app development.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

Once you write the code for a mobile app, you would want the program to work seamlessly on different operating systems and browsers without frequent changes, right? HTML5 is a great way to ensure compatibility for your mobile app across multiple platforms, including Android, iOS, Blackberry, and Windows Phone. In fact, an HTML5 enabled app can run from any system with extensive support for different browsers.

HTML5 also allows the use of different meta tags which makes it possible for you to design mobile-friendly sites or apps that automatically adjust to shorter screen sizes, without any modifications to the code. So, you can easily design interactive apps that show tremendous adaptability to varied screen resolutions, sizes, aspect ratios, and so on.

Optimum Use of Mobile Device Features

HTML5 gives you the flexibility to develop apps around the native features of modern smart devices. The mobile web apps easily transform into mobile app versions, making optimum use of the specifications of each mobile device. For example, HTML5 contributes towards an interactive experience by leveraging the benefits of features, such as GPS and accelerometer, for the mobile apps.

The HTML5 design also gives you easy management of and control over graphics as well as images, without the need for any third-party plugins. Similarly, it allows the use of audio and video tags that enables you to play media content directly in the app, without using any third-party media players.

Provision for Automatic Updates

Your HTML5 app can be updated easily on the server, without any manual intervention. So, you need not worry about whether the update is reflected on the mobile devices of your app users, as the HTML5 updates happen automatically from anywhere and at any time.

Increased Freedom and Visibility

As a mobile app developer, HTML5 serves as an ideal open-source development tool. It gives you complete freedom to write the code in the manner that you prefer. You can also use varied frameworks, tools, libraries, and more, while still maintaining a significant user interaction and an improved buyer experience.

Enhanced Storage Capacity

HTML5 gives you the benefit of a larger built-in storage capacity which ensures no data loss, even while you are offline. You can easily store cookies and a client database offline and securely open the cookies in different windows.

Increased Security

HTML5 comes equipped with local storage that functions in a more secure way than cookies. The local storage helps you store the information of your users in their browser itself and across multiple windows. You can handle the caching of data and manage the storage of the users’ app status with ease which leads to enhanced security.

Easy Development and Deployment

The HTML5 code lives up to its promise of “write once, run anywhere”. So, you need not be bothered about making frequent changes to the code after you have written it. Since, there are no strict terms, policies or guidelines that regulate HTML5, you can also easily deploy the corresponding code to various app stores.

The above mentioned benefits of HTML5 ensure that you are able to integrate a variety of features in your mobile app and offer a high quality interactive experience to your app users. The combined effect of the HTML5 features, such as cross-platform compatibility, excellent storage capacity, and automatic updates, enables you to deliver the content to your app users in an appropriate manner.

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