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What is Coding Used For?
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hasanraza 2019 October 14 12:40

So you must have though, “What is Coding Used For? ”

Well, there are numerous applications of computer coding. One of the most common ones is seen is the form of desktop applications. These are programs that you use on your computers or laptops. For example, a word processor, such as Microsoft Word, has many lines of code behind it in action.

Therefore, making a desktop apps is not the only purpose of coding. There are many other areas that can be used. 

Now take a look at the following tasks that coding can perform:

  • Developing a new operating system for PC
  • Creating a mobile application, such as a new Music Player
  • Setting up a website, such as a personal blog
  • Instructing a microwave on how to heat food
  • Coming up with a new MMORPG that people can play with their friends on PC or phone

Finally, there are a thousands of lines of code that enable you to perform these tasks. Therefore, this is all part of the big question, "what is coding?"

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