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Types of wooden fences
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norasalehi 2021 May 30 05:47

Wooden fences can be considered in different parts of the house or its yard. The most common types of these fences are wooden terrace railings, wooden stair railings, duplex wooden railings, wooden garden railings, etc., etc.

Wooden terrace railing
Wooden terrace railings are originally designed to protect objects or people from falling off the terrace, but since railings have a view from the outside of the building and can give a beautiful view to the building, choosing a beautiful, suitable and quality fence It can be very important for the prestige of the house.

Wooden terrace railing

There is a standard for wooden terraces in the wooden fence, which is called the 2X2 standard. they do.

Wooden stair railing
Wooden stair railing is a type of railing that is placed on one side of the staircase, it is often done for protective measures, but in addition to it, it can also have a decorative aspect.
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