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Why is Android system WebView app so important for browsing the internet?
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hasanraza 2019 October 15 11:10

Android System WebView App has web environment integrating capabilities. Also it’s not the kind of app that can be launched with a single tap easily. It operates in the background, without any user interaction. So Android system WebView app is basically a web browser engine built into an operating system that makes it possible to open web pages within applications. You can view any type of web content with the help of this app. Also check out this informative article: What Is Android System WebView App? which clearly answers three main important question about Android System WebView App, which are:

  1. What truly is Android System WebView?
  2. Why do you really need this app on your Android Phone?
  3. Lastly, Whats the importance of this app for your device?

I hope now the importance of Android system WebView app is further cleared.

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