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Everything You Need to Know About the MockingBot Wireframe Tool
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JustAlex 2019 May 02 11:14

Do you write every single line of code from scratch for every app that you develop? Well, doing so may be necessary for a few initial apps, but, once you have developed certain types of mobile apps, wouldn’t you prefer to use a tool that allows you to build quick prototypes?

This is where the MockingBot wireframe tool can help! With this tool, you can build a mobile app wireframe and prototype in a few minutes and save a lot of time, which you would otherwise have spent writing several lines of code for the same purpose.

So, in this article, we carry out an in-depth study of the features of MockingBot and evaluate the top reasons why app developers should use the tool.

Overview of MockingBot

MockingBot is a mobile prototyping tool that helps you generate or build interactive mobile app wireframes and prototypes in a very short time. You can even do so in a well-organized workspace, with easy-to-use drag-and-drop features that ensure no coding is required. So, you can use this online platform to assist you with the development of mobile apps.

And, once you have built a clickable prototype using the MockingBot tool, you can share it with your laptop, PC, and even Android or iOS device.

Reasons to Use MockingBot

With so many wireframe and prototyping tools for mobile apps out there, why should you use MockingBot? Let’s analyze the various features that work in favor of Mockingbot.

● It helps you build interactive mobile apps by creating the prototypes at a quick pace and, thereby, allowing you to save time.

● MockingBot makes prototype creation simple by giving you the ability to create object and combo templates, built-in widgets, and more with its convenient drag-and-drop functionality. You need not write complex code.

● It supports real-time collaboration as it allows you to share your prototypes with others by adding your team members to your MockingBot prototype project.

● If you want to get feedback on your app prototype from others, without giving them the ability to edit or change anything, you can generate a URL which can be viewed in a web browser.

● This wireframe and prototype tool can even generate QR codes which enables you to scan the code using your iOS or Android device’s camera to test the prototype. You can also showcase the prototype functionality to others and get their valuable feedback or suggestions for improvement.

● You can view all your app screens instantly in one place with this tool as it enables you to view the full workflow as well as edit the same.

Other Features of MockingBot


● You can use your MacBook or Windows laptop to create prototypes offline by using the MockingBot platform.

● Once you build the prototype online, you can edit or access it from anywhere as all your work is stored on the cloud.

● It allows you to switch between screens as well as choose text copies by using the “sharing and preview” mode.

● MockingBot is equipped with an icon library, consisting of more than 100 icons.

● With this tool, you can easily create animations with state transition of the same screen.

gayatrisohi 2020 September 26 04:46
Another great example is as below
Entony 2020 September 29 09:01
I often use programs such as: InVision, Justinmind and Marvel. Recently read article about prototyping in Cleveroad company blog.
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