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Play to Earn Game Development
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alinakeneddy 2022 March 17 09:50
A new business model is gaining traction in the gaming world, and with it, a host of fascinating importance for the future of gaming economics.

Rather than making huge investments of time, skill, effort, and cash in exchange for quick entertainment, gamers are authorized to have ownership over the digital assets they obtain within game environments. 

Blockchain games are flawless for the play-to-earn model especially because of their decentralized nature.

How Can Gamers Play to Earn?

The specific game mechanics that allow players to earn real rewards vary from game to game, but there are a few main highways that have become popular in blockchain games so far:

Farming: Some games allow players to earn tokens and/or NFTs just by interacting in the game environment. More time spent and higher skill levels guide to bigger earnings.
Generating: Creating collectible and tradeable NFT items through gameplay, occasionally combining an existing pair of NFTs to “breed” or create new ones.

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