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Difference between a Wiki editor and an expert Wiki
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CarolBolan 2020 May 13 12:36
The difference between a paid Wiki editor and an expert Wikipedia editor professional is a question of consciences. Professional and expert Wikipedia editors take their responsibilities very seriously and adopt a virtuous approach to editing. They are well aware that how to create a Wikipedia page for a business. Whereas on the other hand, paid Wikipedia editors edit completely for financial gain. It is recommended to look for Wikipedia experts for hire in order to have a glowing and an attractive Wikipedia page for your company or a brand. It surely enhance the on-site traffic of your site. Ever thought of having one?
remilucia 2020 May 15 10:13
By differences you are referring to intelligence by citing Rushton so I will address that topic. Phillip Rush ton's study is not the only study regarding this topic. There have been plenty of at other prominent scientist who contested his view and gave convincing reasoning of their own.
enzet 2020 May 23 12:32
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