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How much does it cost to build a grocery delivery app like Instacart?
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webcluesinfotech 2021 March 04 09:57
A step by step guide on building an app like Instacart. Get the estimation on the cost of developing grocery app like Instacart for both Android & iOS.

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miked54610 2021 March 14 13:08

georgedavid 2021 April 13 13:12

To create a clone app for grocery delivery app like instacart for your new on-demand business startup will be varied by things like which country you choose and which company you selected.

To describe you, I mention the cost variations of clone app creation based on 3 different countries in the global marketplace.

US: 50USD to 300USD,

East Europe: 30USD to 150USD,

UK: 50USD to 200USD, and

India: 20USD to 70USD.

Keelanrosa 2021 April 22 12:22
nice info
drishtiexims 2021 April 23 10:09

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