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15 Ways to Avoid App Store Rejection
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JustAlex 2019 May 05 18:12

Have you implemented your dream idea into an app and now trying to publish it to the app store ecosystem?

It is not difficult to get it published, if you know exactly the reasons why apps are rejected by stores maintained by Apple, Google and others.

Even if you have failed before, you can try again by following the guidelines that they set.

So, to aid you in getting your app published, we provide you with a few tips to get your dream app published in the stores.

  1. Fill in the App Meta Data

Provide more information about your app to push it into the stores. Meta data provides your app’s supplementary information needed to run on the device and you should ensure that the metadata is correct before pushing it to the App Store.

  1. Test Your Buggy App

Needless to say, if your app is not well tested or crashes then you should not even think of pushing it to the App Store. So, test your app thoroughly, do not be in a hurry to push your app and ensure your app does not crash in any circumstance. Also, in the case of Windows phones, test your app for both dark and light themes.

  1. Include Privacy Policies

If your app involves user logins, then it is a must to include privacy policies which indicate that you will ensure that the login information is not used in an adverse manner but is only used for the sole purpose of the function of the app.

  1. Adhere to the Design Guidelines

Ensure your app functions in accordance with the design guidelines for the respective app store. For example, if your app refers to third-party payment systems or automates the rating systems, then your app will not be listed.

  1. Collect Only Relevant Information

Your app must access the relevant user information for its intended function. Personal information about the user, such as age and gender, is meant to be of a confidential nature and your app must not ask the user to reveal such information if it is not relevant to the purpose of the app.

  1. Add Relevant Keywords

If you rollout an app intended for the financial market and include “gaming” as a keyword then it is bound to be rejected. Do not add irrelevant keywords to increase the marketing for your app

  1. Reduce Your App’s Load Time

A longer load time for your app means that it will put the mobile device in a hang state. So, ensure your app loads fast enough across all devices to make its way to the App Store.

  1. Use Genuine Trademarks and Logos

Do not violate any trademarks or logos in your app to seek a wide visibility. It is your responsibility to ensure that there are no legal lawsuits concerning its ecosystem. Review your app to ensure it only displays the right logos and trademarks to secure an entry.

  1. Review Your App’s User Content

Make provisions for reviewing and moderating the user’s content posted via your app. This ensures that false and disingenuous remarks are filtered at the source. Facilitate the blocking of the user or the comments that have been posted via your app.

  1. Take Care of Demos

Do not submit a demo or a test app to the Play store. If your app has demo user accounts as part of its tests, include them for your app to be properly tested before it gets published. Include a demo video of your app.

  1. Do Not Copy Functionality

Every app is unique and is intended to serve a specific purpose for its users. Hence, do not copy the functionality of other apps, such as the graphics, layouts or even the behavior of your app, because it will be easily noticed and your app will not be accepted.

  1. Avoid Private APIs

Do not use private APIs and rather use the APIs of the respective store ecosystem. If your app is intended for iOS, use the Apple SDK, and if it is intended for the Play store, use the Android SDK. Private APIs are forbidden and using it will lead to your app being rejected.

  1. Be Careful with Porn

The app store maintained by Apple has a strict “No Porn” policy. So, avoid porn content if your app will be sold to iOS users. In the Play store, porn is only allowed within the guidelines as set by Google. Review the terms set by Microsoft, Google, and Apple before you publish porn to their ecosystem.

  1. Avoid Incorrect Screenshots

Upload the right screenshot for your app. An incorrect screenshot includes debugging info, frame rates, and emulators. They should not be transparent on Windows devices. So, please ensure that the screenshots are correct before uploading them to the Windows store.

  1. Use the Back Button Function Correctly

In the Windows mobile ecosystem, back buttons have to be implemented correctly. This also applies to the Google Play store systems. Your app has to define the function of the back button correctly, such as to close the page or to go back to the previous page.

The app store ecosystems of Apple, Google and Microsoft have different levels of strict guidelines, so familiarize yourself with these before you dream of having your app listed.

hasanraza 2019 October 08 12:46
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