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Uber Clone | Uber for X Clone App Script
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Goappx 2020 July 31 05:03

All the laurels rest on Uber — the renowned taxi booking services company as they’ve established a wholesome different on-demand market today. The success of Uber has provoked many on-demand businesses to use the Uber business model. Most of them started using the term, ‘Uber for X’; where X referring to the services they offer. One such business entity is GoAppX, as they’ve successfully developed Uber for X — Clapsy application which is completely user-friendly.

Wooberly 2020 August 26 11:52

Hi There, I'm from Wooberly, I want to share some additional information regards the uber clone. Starting a taxi business now very simple because of the digital innovations. Uber is the foremost taxi booking app and which is popular worldwide. Uber app has customers all over the world. The secret behind the victory of uber is offering the user satisfied service and their app gives an amazing user experience. These all facts take up the uber clone as the leading giant in the taxi industry. 

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