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bbcrafts 2021 April 27 06:26
Do you love ribbon to add a stylish touch in your craft collection? Creating ribbon Easter basket is a simple method you can try in different colors and prints if you want a traditional handmade craft. 
We are going to tell you how you can create hand woven ribbon Easter basket so easily at your home.  

Gather all your craft materials and tools at one place so you won’t have to search for them whenever you need. 

Cut 10 strips of ribbon, 20" each. 

For the first five ribbons, put printed sided down, line up finished, and tape both sides to surface. 

Weave second 5 strips and center them both horizontally and vertically. Tape the ends of vertical ribbon.

Fasten weave, use clips to hold in place and tape across the entire weave to maintain their shape during weaving.

Cut another 6 ribbons, 20" each one long.

Glue the ends of 2 ribbons, print side out and create 3 double-thick ribbons.

Rotate the ribbons to make the base 3 of the vertical ribbons which are on the top, and 2 under. 

Remove clips and fold the ribbons at the edge-side of the weave

Clip end of first double ribbon behind the base of center vertical ribbon and begin to weave.

Rotate corners and weave around basket

When beginning and end of ribbons meet, fold and clip them around base of basket for alignment. Overlap the ends of first double ribbon and then glue them together.

Repeat the above process with second double ribbon, but fold vertical ribbons with the weave to keep in the place. Trim and glue the vertical ends.

Finish the basket side with third double ribbon, using clips then trims and stick the ends to each other.

Start weaving with long vertical ribbons into the inside of the basket around the edge.

Turn basket inside out and remove tape from the base and complete weaving ribbons into the base.

Add glue under the ribbon ends to keep final weave in one place.

Turn basket right side out again to check it has printed side both inside and outside.

Cut 2 ribbons of 20" each and glue them to create a double-sided handle.

Weave the handle into the center ribbon on the side, then across the base.

Repeat this with the second end of the handle and trim for desired length and overlap then glue ends of ribbon.

Complete the basket by adding hot glue inside fold of top edge of the basket.

Here you have woven your ribbon Easter basket. Fill your favorite items and enjoy carrying it. 

nacyuje 2021 May 21 07:58
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