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How to Make a Mobile App
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JustAlex 2019 May 05 07:07

How many times have you come up with a good idea for an app and discarded it just because you did not have enough time to build it?

Or how many times have you thought about having a full-fledged mobile app business by creating a number of apps, but could not do so due to a lack of excellent programming skills?

You might also be the type of app developer with programming skills, but do not have any good ideas for creating mobile apps.

In each of these scenarios, you will realize that you may have had your dream app designed, but could not do so due to a lack of time, special app development skills or ideas.

But, what if we told you that there is a way to overcome all these challenges?

What better way is there to save time on app development or to avoid large-scale app programming than being able to use some professionally written app source code.

The usability factor of such app source code built by another mobile app developer could prove to be a blessing in disguise.

Yes, that is right!

It is possible to get hold of ready-to-use source code to build your own mobile app.

So, in this article, we discuss the possibility of building a mobile app without any special programming skills or without spending a lot of time on it.

Steps to Build Your Mobile App

  1. Many app developers neither have the ability to run a mobile app business nor the skills to promote, sell, and make their apps popular.

However, they may have written source code for their different apps, which have not gone live on any app stores. So, you can purchase the app source code from such app developers to build your own application.

You can use any marketplace that gives you access to such source code and can go through a variety of apps, before picking the one (and its source code) that interests you the most. In this way, you can pick one that is closest to your own app idea.

  1. No purchased app source code can be sent for publishing as is. You first need to change the way it looks. If you have good app designing skills, you can customize the app as per your requirements or even add a couple of new features to it.

You may make as many changes as you want to the source code, as you are now the owner of it. In any case, the amount of time that you spend in making such changes would be considerably less than the time required to build an app from scratch.

  1. If you are not good with developing (or designing) an app, you can even hire a professional or freelance app developer to get some customization done quickly as per your innovative ideas. In this case, you just need to think about new features that could make your purchased app user friendly, attractive and unique.

Alternatively, you can make small changes yourself by referring to some Android app development tutorials or iOS app development tutorials for novice app developers. This would suffice, even if you are only able to modify the images.

  1. Once you have added your personal touch to the purchased source code, you can submit your app to the app stores, such as the Google Play store for Android or iTunes for iOS.

Once your app is approved, you will have your very own mobile app on the app stores and start earning fame and revenue for the same.

Where to Buy and Download App Source Code to Launch Your App?

There are numerous mobile app marketplaces where professional app developers upload their app source code as projects in appropriate Zip or RAR files.

You can browse the collection to find the app source code of your choice. You can choose one that needs the least amount customization or one that can be easily customized for numerous features.

Such marketplaces create a win-win situation for you and the professional app developers. By spending some money, you can save time, get plenty of choices for app ideas, and even get the ability to build and launch your own mobile app.

The best part is that you can do so without any coding skills! And, those who wrote the code can earn good money for their efforts, even if they were unable to get their apps published for some reason.

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