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Future of Decentralized Finance
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abigailsanchana 2022 October 26 11:30

In recent years, the exponential rise of DeFi has been largely driven by technological, social, and macro dynamics. Volumes will expand as more people adopt DeFi and more effort is devoted toward the creation of more DeFi protocols and dApps, and it will become easier to use and more efficient for the mainstream to participate. In the future, customers will most likely be rewarded with tokens for using their accounts, supporting the environment, social causes, or other community activities.

DeFi's long-term goal is to provide communities with a smooth and comprehensive financial experience from anywhere in the world. A decentralized ecosystem lowers geography, status, and wealth barriers by providing unbanked persons with access to new entrepreneurship and wealth creation opportunities, lending and borrowing facilities, remittances, digital payments, and other financial services. In the process, DeFi can assist to alleviate global poverty and make global payments more accessible and affordable. According to PwC, blockchain will reduce average global remittance expenses from 5% to less than 1%.
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