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7 Tools You Should Use to Make Your Own Game App
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JustAlex 2019 May 02 15:57

Designing a game is not easy, but if you have a great idea there is nothing stopping you.

Game development is not limited to big studios. Have you not seen the success of the “Flappy Bird” game, created by Vietnam-based developer Nguyễn Hà Đông? Thus, unlike the big game developers, you need not start building from scratch.

So, if you have a strong desire to create your game, there are several game development tools readily available to you and we will tell you about some of the popular ones.

Unreal Engine

Unreal Engine is a complete set of integrated game development tools that allows you to create 2D and console games. It offers everything you need to start and you can easily develop and deploy games for both Android and iOS.

It also presents game developers with a wealth of asset packs, tutorials, sample projects, demos, and production-ready game content. You also get a wide range of readymade items that are suitable for different game genres and art styles.

Some of the popular games made with this tool include Dungeon Defender, CrossFire, and Mortal Combat.


This game engine is popular due to its multi-platform support and the amount of optimization options it offers for creating games.

Using this game engine, you can easily create beautiful, highly optimized 2D and 3D games and deploy it on different platforms.

Unity also offers all the integrated services you require for game development under one roof. And, you get a set of tools that will help you earn revenue through ads or analytics tool. This will help you get actionable insight of the gamers’ behavior.

Temple Run, Bad Piggies, and The Room are just some of the popular games made with this tool.


AppGameKit solves the mobile fragmentation problems that game developers will face and thereby allows them to develop games without worrying about different input systems and screen resolutions. It is a fast and reliable game engine and offers easy coding features.

With AppGameKit, you can also create a game for different platforms, such as Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux, BlackBerry, and HTML5.

Developers only use C++ or basic programming languages for coding. So, they need not worry about the complexities of the different platforms as the game engine handles all of that for them.

Some of the popular games made with this tool include Space Connection: Atlas and Sky without Sun: Target.

Corona SDK

Corona SDK helps game developers create engaging, high-quality games, with a single code base, and publish them across multiple platforms.

The SDK is based on the Lua development environment, which is known to JavaScript and Flash developers.

This game development tool is thus ideal for game studios and indie developers, aiming to build games that run seamlessly on diverse platforms quickly.

Blast Monkey and Bubble Ball are some of the popular games developed using Corona SDK.

AutoDesk – Maya-LT

Launched recently, Maya-LT is a game development toolkit offered by AutoDesk. It is easy to learn; so, even newbie’s can create games using this 3D modeling software.

It offers several modeling and animation tools that simplify the process of building characters, the environment, and props. Developer also like its varied tools for lighting, materials, and texture baking.

Moreover, the Workflow tool allows developers to plan the level designs and gaming environments with great ease.

Project Anarchy

This is an end-to-end game engine based on C++ to create mobile games and provides free access to Havok’s game engine. It has extensible C++ architecture, advanced prototyping, Lua debugging, and a flexible asset management system that simplify the task of creating games.

Furthermore, game developers benefit from its full library of sample materials, videos, and tutorials that allow them to work efficiently and faster.

With Project Anarchy, they can also quickly iterate on their ideas and create an immersive game within a short period of time.

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Personally, I prefer the Unity engine, since it is quite convenient to make mobile games on it, there is also a large assiets store, which has many game mechanics, 3D models, and UI templates. Modules for monetization, advertising, etc. are also easily connected there.

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