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Get an Android or iOS App Business Running in 5 Simple Steps
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JustAlex 2019 May 21 12:22

Do you want to start an Android or iOS app business? Then you are certainly not alone. More than 1 million apps have been created in today’s times, meaning that there are hundreds, or thousands, of people out looking to get their break in the Android and iOS app world. There are different reasons as to why app creation is so essential. Some people simply want to take their current business and turn it mobile; while others want to create separate apps related to their business as a form of mobile marketing. And then there are those who want to start a career as a mobile app developer.

App making is seen as a business style that endorses a healthy work/life balance. To build apps you do not need to be online 24 hours a day or stuck in the office from 9-6, but can work around your own schedule. So, do you want to join the mobile app world as an app developer?

How do you start an Android or iOS app business?

There are five easy and simple steps that you need to follow to see if you are ready to start your new life as a mobile app developer:

Idea – There must be a starting point for everyone, and in this business you should have a clear idea regarding the topics and field in which you want to make your app. The style of app and content will all depend upon the reason you have decided to create the app – either for fun, to enjoy, for an existing business or as a marketing tool.

Research – It is not enough to decide that you want an app. There is more to know than that. Have you even looked to see if there is something similar already out there in use? It is time for you to do some research. Always take a look at what is already on offer in the mobile marketplace and what you can put in place that will make your idea stand out from all these. Do you know anything about your potential customers? What do they like and what will convince them to use your app?

Plan – Once you understand the market and the audience that you are aiming for, it is time for you to make planning and implementing that plan. The first stage would be to decide on the content that you want to use. From this information, you can choose a template style that will complement the content. Another important part of the planning stage is the promotion. You should be deciding and researching upon your keywords in order to help the ASO of the app even before the app is created. The right keywords need to tie all your apps together.

Create – This is the easy stage. You have already got the plan, undertaken your research and have your plan accessible. Now all that is left is for you is to implement that plan and create your app. App creation with MeetSource is simple. Simply click on your chosen template, upload your content and click create. Done! We always suggest you test your app on friends and family before you publish to a public source.

Market – Go, go, go. If you want your Android app business to succeed, you need to let others know about its existence. We know that we should always choose the right keywords to assist in organic searches, but this is not enough to get your app recognised. Focus on social marketing and traditional marketing to promote your app.

Enjoy – Time for you to smile and enjoy the work that you have put in.

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