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Five Reasons Why Apple Will Reject Your App If It Is Submitted For Review
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JustAlex 2019 May 02 15:41

One of the first things that comes to mind when you think of Apple products is a design that is sturdy and flawless. This is the result of meticulous screening of the products and ensuring that only the finest quality reaches their users. Hence, as an app developer, you can expect the same level of scrutiny when you submit your app to the App Store.

Apple has a highly selective process to examine and decide which apps are of the highest quality in terms of usability, content, and design. With such stringent quality regulations, it is only natural that many apps are rejected daily. However, even though rejection percentages may be high, it is possible to study the reasons for apps being rejected and then build an app that meets Appleā€™s quality goals and standards.

Here are the top five reasons for an app to be rejected when submitted for approval to the App Store.

Coding Errors

More popularly known as bugs, coding errors can render your app completely useless. Hence, such mistakes will get your app rejected by Apple. If your app has a bug and crashes when you submit it for review, you can be certain that it will be rejected right away. So review and test your app multiple times before submitting it to the app store.

Non-Working Links

This error causes a lot of frustration for many app users and it will get your app rejected sooner than you might think. Clicking on a broken link can be infuriating and will lead to the user to distrust your app. So, checking all the links in your entire app, including the links to the support section or any other information, is mandatory.

Placeholder Content

Have you ever put some placeholder content or even an image in your app and forgot to replace it with the actual stuff? Doing so would immediately disqualify your app and prevent it from being featured in the App Store. Having any placeholder content implies that your app is not ready for the world. You should thus get your friends to take a look at the app before you submit it to Apple.

Incomplete Information

Think of all the ways in which you can make life easier for the people who review your app. This certainly includes filling in all the details in the Information section of iTunes Connect. So, you should provide a username and password for test purposes, if this is required for the app. And, for scenarios that are difficult to recreate, you must provide demo videos to enable the reviewer to go through the details. Lastly, the most important thing to do is check your contact information and ensure that all the details that are provided are correct and up to date.

Erroneous Descriptions and Misleading Users

Providing false or ambiguous descriptions for your app and its main functions is a big mistake. This can be a source of annoyance for the users and it is certainly not tolerated by the App Store reviewers. So, provide a short, lucid summary of your app and help to make it a rewarding experience for your users.

If your summary includes claims which are not entirely true or could lead to the user believing that it has higher functionality than it really does, it can spell trouble for you. Apple believes in top-notch customer satisfaction and if your description is misleading the users, your app will be rejected.

These were the top five reasons for apps being rejected by the Apple App Store. Hence, if you want to get through, be sure to check that your app delivers all that it promises and that it is not a source of disappointment for the reviewers and users alike.

hasanraza 2019 October 10 11:27
These are indeed the most common reasons why apps get rejected, but in my view coding errors contribute a lot in app rejection, the best way to avoid this issue is to highly concentrate on each  and every new module developed and perform  QA regularly, also its recommended to take services of of some good ios app development firm like OpenXcell, Swenson, GoodCore Software or there are many others, so that the apps get immediately approved without facing any rejection.
muryan 2020 February 09 17:36
Great article! Thank you!

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Nice Article....................
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