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How to add POI on
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JustAlex 2019 November 25 16:38
1. Open application(which is available on Google Play and Apple Store) or Web version and Login with account or Register a new one. 

2. On the Map go to location where you want to add the POI, then tap on “+” button choose your location and tap “Add POI”.

3. Insert information like POI type, POI name, POI tagline, Keywords, Unique ID for the POI, POI Image and Description then tap “Continue” button.

4. Insert Address details and press “Continue” button.

5. In Advanced details, add details like Phone number, e-mail, website and Facebook page, then tap “Continue” button.

6. Add few images about the POI and tap “Create POI”.

7. Within 24 hours the POI will be displayed on the map and be visible for everyone.

RachelGomez123 2023 February 20 09:12
To install POI, download a bundle of Jar files from official site and use in the application. Following are the minimum required Jars. We can also set dependency in maven project. It need jar files that are used to run the application.

Rachel Gomez
lady6600 2023 February 21 01:42
Thank you for sharing
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